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  1. Nice detailed step-by-step instructions on moving calendar and contacts into ownCloud from Google services.
  2. Looks incredible.
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  3. Pretty intense.
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  4. "Over the last few years, Uber and Airbnb have come to be known as leaders of something called the sharing economy. Give their founders credit for this feat of mostly misplaced nomenclature. The companies help people sell rides in cars and rent stays in homes; they deserve no more credit for promoting a skill learned in preschool than Marriott or taxi companies."
  5. I used these several times and like them.
  6. "hind-cite is a set of tools & data for analyzing the time-based performance of Hacker News posts."
  7. Real-time collaboration within Emacs/vim/etc using a proprietary network service. Like what gobby/rudel is supposed to do but less free!
  8. I don't really like this website.
  9. Guy looks a little like me.
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  10. Extremely cute local news.
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  12. "At least 20 people this summer -- most of them Japanese -- have suffered from the disorder after realizing Paris isn't what they expected." A disorder that happens when you go to Paris thinking it's gonna be awesome and it isn't
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  14. Javascript that makes all of your images load... really... slowly.
  15. Another online service shutting it doors. Apparently, it is also refusing to be archived!
  16. Wow, I don't think I've found myself is such load disagreement with James. I think the FB study was research. I think that the OKCupid case is much less clear.

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