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  3. "R provides Type I sequential SS, not the default Type III marginal SS reported by SAS and SPSS. In a nonorthogonal design with more than one term on the right hand side of the equation order will matter (i.e., A+B and B+A will produce different results)! We will need use the drop1( ) function to produce the familiar Type III results."
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  4. I'm a little disappointed in this article. It's a little incoherent and doesn't do a great job of talking about what it means by statistics. It's something about the political power of data collection?
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  14. What to do about colic Pediatricians may be sympathetic and recommend mylicon drops or gripe water, but often doctors will tell parents to “just be patient,” because colic is not harmful and will go away on its own. Of course, in the midst of all that crying, having someone tell you to “be patient” may seem impossible to consider. In order to make it through, you will have to develop some great self-care strategies and enlist support. Focus on one day at a time (mark off the days on a calendar if that helps). Ask your doctor to consider the possibilities of food allergies or acid reflux (GERD), which can be remedied. If you are breastfeeding, you can try adjusting your diet to see if that affects your baby’s crying spells. Ask for help—support from your spouse, family, friends, and a babysitter or nanny will be essential to getting through the first few months of your baby’s life.
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  17. Fantastic article.
  18. Mostly horrible.
  19. Retroactive extensions! Those will sure encourage innovation. So shameful.
  20. Wow. Sounds bad.
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  24. Completely bullshit/nonsense lecture that a bunch of professors completely buy and even rate highly! Delivery matters. Content, not so much.
  25. This woman needs to find a new career.
  26. More from Erich Goode on sex with his informants... Good God.
  27. Ethiopia's historically embarrassing Internet regulation system still bad.

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