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  1. A syllabus (but really a sort of howto guide) for onboarding students in Eric Gilbert's lab at UMSI.
  2. Useful for Emma's wedding.
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  4. My birthday meal in 2021.
  5. “You just put a bottle of unsweetened Everclear on the cage and they love it.”
  6. Timatic is the system that airlines use to determine who can/can't board. It's probably the single best thing to look at for concise description of boarding requirements.
  7. “I can honestly say I can protect every hamster, every mouse in the world against SARS-CoV-2,” Dr. Peter Palese, the leader of the research, said. “But the jury’s still out about what it does in humans.”
  8. Another reason to return to Naoshima.
  9. The weirdness of the Disney VR space is so just overwhelming.
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  13. Angela Merkel struggles to put on a doctoral hood. I feel you, Angela!
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  20. Bruyerre La Truffe Beurre
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  21. An ML based system for improving academic writing w/ grammar checking and alternative phrasing suggestions. Available as an Overleaf program.
  22. Veggie version of this banger should be banging.
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  26. How did I miss this?
  27. Import journalism. "In a 1958 letter to the Manchester Guardian, Fleming offered a revealing confession: “I proceeded to invent a cocktail for Bond, which I sampled several months later and found unpalatable.”"
  28. Looks like a pretty seamless way to extract the text of news documents. Looks very simple and pretty easy.
  29. I wrote up a long email about that I sent to Andrés Monroy. I should maybe publish that as a blog post.
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