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  1. "(n)Code Solutions, a subsidiary of GNFC, produces digital certificates for the Government of India (including the digital Aadhaar card for over 1 billion Indians). The solution was the result of a partnership with Entrust."
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  2. 2023-11-26 to by aldeka - Archived Link
  3. This includes the video released by the company.
  4. Fantastic cocktail bar.
  5. "anyone with access to the server such as staff or government officials can add new members to a private group without permission of its admin members"
  6. "When a message recipient flags a WhatsApp message for review, that message is batched with the four most recent prior messages in that thread and then sent on to WhatsApp's review system as attachments to a ticket."
  7. Selenium for apps. Interesting.
  8. Linux running in a fully emulated RISC-V processer on Scratch (turbowarp)
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  10. I really want to see this show in NYC while it's on.
  11. Saw it at the Mori art museum.
  12. Adrienne Russel got this one. Looks interesting.
  13. Best Wikipedia revisions ever.
  14. awesome website (japanese only) for finding open seats on reserved trains
  15. Visisted the guys grave last week near Mika's house
  16. Very cool column by Kurt Streeter
  17. bags (including for Brompton) from recycled banners
  18. "The Undersight Board is a generative-AI policy testing system built on LLM-derived personas to allow policy managers, moderation leads, and operations teams to generate, test, and deploy localized community-specific inputs for Trust & Safety policy decision-making. We aim to develop a democratically-trained, model-assisted, and regionally-localized voice of the community system for policy inquiry, development, and evaluation."
  19. Maybe something to check out on Lisa's wedding cruise?
  20. "There are a few fundamentally broken things about how Mastodon posts work that are terrible vectors for abuse, as well as being bad for basic usability. Maybe they are fixable, I don't know."
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