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  1. Neal Caren's (UNC) data scraping/processing tutorial. Potentially a useful teaching/learning resource?
  2. SF0 (SF-zero?) seems to be a collaborative game focused on team-based challenges and achievements.
  3. A hosted, place-based wiki project created by the founder of DavisWiki, probably the most successful place-based wiki around
  4. Phil Spector's course website for "Computing With Data." Contains great documentation and intro materials for new R users and other tools.
  5. Carbonation without abomination!
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  6. Introduction to a theoretically very efficient system for writing academic papers
  7. Listing of classic R datasets used in various packages
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  9. Handy info on branching and merging with Git.
  10. WoWWiki entry chronicling the conflict and history of Wowpedia. Super useful for thinking about a future study of authority and leadership in the context of wikis, online collectives, and open organizations
  11. Hadley Wickhams's GitHub page for his advanced R development courses. Includes useful material on advanced programming in R as well as package development.
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  12. Just what it says it is.
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  13. Just what it says it is.
  14. Markdown package for the R statistical software environment. Handy for publishing R code (e.g. to Rpubs) and for integrating latex, comments and other text more seamlessly into code.
  15. Project page for google-blockly, which looks a whole lot like Scratch, just without all the fun kids stuff.
  16. A set of blogposts making the case that Unix can be used as an IDE. Also describes a bunch of handy commands and a conceptual approach to Unix that even non-Unix-as-IDE users can appreciate.
  17. A blogpost explaing part of Aaron Halfaker's Wikimedia Foundation 2011 Summer of Research project.
  18. This little python program is handy in the (quite frequent) event that Amazon is giving away music files
  19. An example of R code that tests for a mediation relationship.
  20. Resources on statistical mediation curated by David MacKinnon. Very thorough.
  21. David Kenny's homepage. Especially useful for resources related to mediation and moderation, but also full of stuff on other sorts of statistical modelling techniques
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  22. David Kenny's website on moderation.
  23. David Kenny's explanation of mediation
  24. A somewhat hard-to-find-but-useful set of ggplot2 examples buried on Hadley Wickham's site.
  25. Yet another Git tutorial that proved useful to me at some point.
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