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  1. I so want to go to this super weird hotel.
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  2. "This paper studies differences in the effect of temperature on cognitive performance by gender in a large controlled lab experiment (N = 543). We study performance in math, verbal and cognitive reflection tasks and find that the effects of temperature vary significantly across men and women. At higher temperatures, women perform better on a math and verbal task while the reverse effect is observed for men. The increase in female performance in response to higher temperature is significantly larger and more precisely estimated than the corresponding decrease in male performance. In contrast to math and verbal tasks, temperature has no impact on a measure of cognitive reflection for either gender. Our findings suggest that gender mixed workplaces may be able to increase productivity by setting the thermostat higher than current standards."
  3. The original paper proving the Gaussian inequality. Check out [v1] of the paper.
  4. This entire series by the NYT is fantastic.
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  6. Instructure is a data company, not a learning company...
  7. "The results of our meta-analysis showed that oral zinc formulations may shorten the duration of symptoms of the common cold."
  8. "Intake of zinc was associated with a significant reduction in the duration (days) (mean difference (MD) ?1.03, 95% confidence interval (CI) ?1.72 to ?0.34) (P = 0.003) (I2 statistic = 89%) but not the severity of common cold symptoms (MD ?1.06, 95% CI ?2.36 to 0.23) (P = 0.11) (I2 statistic = 84%)."
  9. Yikes. via:bnewbold
  10. "Yugoslavia" passports were valid through 12/31/2011 — nearly twenty years after the country ceased to exist!
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  12. Guy straps fireworks onto his road bike and uses it to launch a retributive attack on a scooter that buzzes him.
  13. Wow. That's complicated.
  14. Awesome replacement for Doodle.
  15. Nice stylized fact. :)
  16. Rerview of book by (fellow CASBS fellow JJ).
  17. I'm struggling to explain why I'm so into this compilation of people slamming themselves or other through tables at buffalo bill tailgating parties on January 7th of this year. I also have so many questions!
  18. “This is Erving Goffman, your president. He would rather hear himself speaking than being spoken about.” Having said those two sentences, I was to shut up and sit down.
  19. Looks awesome.
  20. Distributed/federated video hosting platform. The individuals sites don't look very established yet but the software seems like a good idea. Better than just hosting static files though?
  21. This thing looks amazing.
  22. This website is really great.
  23. mastodon instance for bots
  24. Beautiful little images/icons that use as a font for inserting onto your website. Super nice!
  25. A super important question. Very thought provoking.
  26. Really good article. ♥ Susan Silbey

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