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  1. Oh no!
  2. Nigerian version of Titatic.
  3. "All living things are gnarly, in that they inevitably do things that are much more complex than one might have expected. The shapes of tree branches are of course the standard example of gnarl. The life cycle of a jellyfish is way gnarly. The wild three-dimensional paths that a humming bird sweeps out are kind of gnarly too, and, if the truth be told, your ears are gnarly as well."
  4. Reason for Debian not to build a web interface to its bug tracking system.
  5. This bug makes me want to die.
    2010-11-11 to , , , , - Archived Link
  6. Really good article. ♥ Susan Silbey
  7. updated: 2012-04-29, original: 2012-04-29 to , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  8. I totally read this as "zoobombing" the first time.
  9. Yet another Wikipedia derivative/alternative/etc...
  10. Guy straps fireworks onto his road bike and uses it to launch a retributive attack on a scooter that buzzes him.
  11. original blex from the archives
    2008-01-26 to , - Archived Link
  12. Looks like an interesting project.
  13. overview of alternatives to rails
    2008-02-04 to , , , - Archived Link
  14. Seen most of them before. But they really are funny.
  15. Wait, is SAGE, the major academic publisher, encouraging authors to increase citations to their articles by adding them to as many Wikipedia articles as possible?
  16. He accomplished 50 of the things he claimed everyone should do.
  17. The first 10k edits at Wiki have been resurrected. Cool!

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