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  1. Adrienne Russel got this one. Looks interesting.
  2. A syllabus (but really a sort of howto guide) for onboarding students in Eric Gilbert's lab at UMSI.
  3. Angela Merkel struggles to put on a doctoral hood. I feel you, Angela!
  4. An ML based system for improving academic writing w/ grammar checking and alternative phrasing suggestions. Available as an Overleaf program.
  5. A teeming absence of authors.
  6. The original paper proving the Gaussian inequality. Check out [v1] of the paper.
  7. Rerview of book by (fellow CASBS fellow JJ).
  8. I pulled this down from ProQuest.
  9. "The correlations were much lower between Mendeley readers and citation counts for conference papers than for journal articles in Building & Construction Engineering and Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering. Hence, there seem to be disciplinary differences in the usefulness of Mendeley readership counts as impact indicators for conference papers, even between fields for which conferences are important."
  10. "Proofs of obscure provenance are sometimes overlooked at first, but usually not for long: A major paper like Royen’s would normally get submitted and published somewhere like the Annals of Statistics, experts said, and then everybody would hear about it. But Royen, not having a career to advance, chose to skip the slow and often demanding peer-review process typical of top journals. He opted instead for quick publication in the Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, a periodical based in Allahabad, India, that was largely unknown to experts and which, on its website, rather suspiciously listed Royen as an editor. (He had agreed to join the editorial board the year before.)"
  11. Nicholas Christakis seems quite involved.
  12. Wow. I thought this was actually impossible.
  13. "A spoof paper concocted by Science reveals little or no scrutiny at many open-access journals."
  14. Move to article-based metrics people.
  15. This is a really nice article.
  16. Another paper showing a positive effect of OA publishing on impact.
  17. Zittrain's system for storing links from academic law review articles.
  18. Really nice advice on how to write a good review. Not all (any?) of my reviews have been this good. I'll try to fix that in the future!
  19. This is a sad story. Departments started advocating for Interfolio because it was cheap and made the life of the faculty easier. Now prices are jacked up for the students and folks are stuck. Stay away from these proprietary systems.

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