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  1. "Even Champagne and sparkling wines, which have so often been consigned to less-than-ideal vessels like the flute or the coupe, are better served by the all-purpose glass." Annoyingly repeating the rumor about stemless wineglasses warming wine. Not unless you're really doing it wrong. Otherwise, a very nice write-up.
  2. Summary: Having meetings only take up as long as they need.
  3. This is a really nice article.
  4. See. It's easy.
  5. Awesome.
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  8. Rather thuggish, but still good advice.
  9. Buying a good bed and chair is great advice. Taking the time to decide if I want to keep every possession sounds like a lot of work. When one moves, or finds oneself moving a lot, you should give away lots of stuff you don't use. Basic advice and I think everyone does it. Sterling tells it like a guru.
  10. Andrew Gelman comments on every research dataset I have. Without knowing it.
  11. Extraordinarily over-detailed description of how to get cited a lot.
  12. Sage advice.
  13. Mark Shuttleworth is trying to recruit engineering managers to Canonical. I agree that the good engineering managers need not be good engineers. I think solid tech skills do go a long way to helping engineers respect their managers. And that is important.
  14. 10xN, in fact.
  15. Sounds like this is going to be a great column by the (great herself) Eszter Hargittai.
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  17. Nice summary of a decent article.
  18. Advice on structure on a (Media Lab style) thesis.
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