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  1. It's a superficial and limited analysis but it seems legit.
  2. updated: 2017-04-13, original: 2017-04-13 to , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  3. Detailed story of a failed kickstarter (i.e., one that made the money but that spent it all and didn't do what they said they would). Super interesting.
  4. "DataKindâ„¢ (formerly known as Data Without Borders) brings together leading data scientists with high impact social organizations through a comprehensive, collaborative approach that leads to shared insights, greater understanding, and positive action through data in the service of humanity."
  5. Another cool looking tool from The King.
  6. Andrew Gelman comments on every research dataset I have. Without knowing it.
  7. Interesting. I wonder what they've
  8. A good, free, QDA tool is very exciting!
  9. Good story about an awesome poster about the dangers of multiple comparisons in statistics in general and in MRI work in particular.
  10. A plugin plugin that does cool data analysis.
  11. Points again to people worried about threats of lawsuits.

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