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  1. "R provides Type I sequential SS, not the default Type III marginal SS reported by SAS and SPSS. In a nonorthogonal design with more than one term on the right hand side of the equation order will matter (i.e., A+B and B+A will produce different results)! We will need use the drop1( ) function to produce the familiar Type III results."
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  3. This is a complete classic.
  4. This was posted in the wake of AaronSw's suicide.
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  5. I have to say, I like Nathan's writeup more than I like the actual experience of using the website. I understand where they are coming from but...
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  7. I think it's supposed to be empty. And I think that's the joke.
  8. "rbutr is an application which allows people to follow inter-website debates and easily find counter arguments to pages they are viewing"
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  9. Cute little article.
  10. "Starting with Miguel, Satyanath, and Sergenti (2004), a large literature has used rainfall variation as an instrument to study the impacts of income shocks on civil war and conflict. These studies argue that in agriculturally-dependent regions, negative rain shocks lower income levels, which in turn incites violence. This identiÂ…cation strategy relies on the assumption that rainfall shocks affect conflict only through their impacts on income."
  11. "Hexanitro? Say what? I'd call for all the chemists who've ever worked with a hexanitro compound to raise their hands, but that might be assuming too much about the limb-to-chemist ratio."
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  12. "I’d like that as a service. Send me what my friends were writing 8 years ago today-ish. Their long form work. We could start with blogs, tease out books and papers later, eventually troll The Archive for projects they were launching."
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  13. I'm pretty sure Mika and I are MM and MH.
  14. I've never played minecraft, but I've seen others play it enough that I think this is cool.
  15. Hopefully by the time I want this, I won't need it any more.
  16. Overview of a new book called "How To Fix Copyright" which sounds like something I could get behind.

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