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  1. Rerview of book by (fellow CASBS fellow JJ).
  2. "By color of spine: You don’t know if vaping is for tobacco or marijuana or both, and at this point, you’re too afraid to ask. You text your mom a lot. You have an item of clothing you only wear on your birthday." via Brian Keegan
  3. Review of O'Reilly's book by Molly Sauter. Not very complementary.
  4. This review was bad but should have been worse IMHO. '“Why would anyone go to such lengths to get hold of a memoir whose essential purpose was to entertain?” (Oh, perhaps because people don’t find it very entertaining to be depicted as charlatans.) Such faux naïveté is unbecoming in someone as savvy as Lyons is, and makes him seem, in the end, an unreliable narrator of his own story.'
  5. Hubspot's founders response to Dan Lyon's book.
  6. Dan Lyon's employer/publisher pans his book! Sounds real bad.
    updated: 2017-09-03, original: 2017-09-03 to , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  7. "The fate of physical books may seem tenuous, but at least 1,000 copies of 100 different books are set to be printed roughly a century from now, in the year 2114. Indeed, the trees that will be used to make the printing paper have already been planted."
  8. Review of Pelevin by Ursula Leguin.
  10. Preface to Jake VanderPlas's new book. This looks awesome.
  11. Fantastic review of Murakami's new thing and the puzzling reasons we love in the first place.
  12. updated: 2014-06-11, original: 2014-05-07 to , , , , , - Archived Link
  13. Looks interesting.
  14. Looks interesting and reminds me a bunch of Andy Abbott's book on Methods of Discovery. I should go back and read that one again...
  15. By Veronika Schapers, Tokyo, Japan.
    updated: 2013-02-24, original: 2013-02-24 to , , , , , - Archived Link
  16. Live feed of which books are being scanned by the Internet Archive. Kind of awesome.
  17. updated: 2012-02-18, original: 2012-02-18 to , , , , , , - Archived Link
  18. Interspecies harmony!
  19. updated: 2012-02-07, original: 2012-02-07 to , , , , , , - Archived Link
  20. Overview of a new book called "How To Fix Copyright" which sounds like something I could get behind.
  21. Social "reading" community/application.

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