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  1. Instructure is a data company, not a learning company...
  2. Review of O'Reilly's book by Molly Sauter. Not very complementary.
  3. Nice article on A/B testing.
  4. Hubspot's founders response to Dan Lyon's book.
  5. I pulled this down from ProQuest.
  6. Consultancy run by James Vasile and Karl Fogel.
  7. Looks like an interesting project.
  8. Summary: Having meetings only take up as long as they need.
  9. "Over the last few years, Uber and Airbnb have come to be known as leaders of something called the sharing economy. Give their founders credit for this feat of mostly misplaced nomenclature. The companies help people sell rides in cars and rent stays in homes; they deserve no more credit for promoting a skill learned in preschool than Marriott or taxi companies."
  10. Another online service shutting it doors. Apparently, it is also refusing to be archived!
  11. Congrats, guys.
  12. NYTMagazine article about Twitter that doesn't mention TXTMob. Whoops.
  13. Matthew Garrett wrote up some good stuff about this.
  14. Continuing to follow up on a bet I had with AaronSw.
  15. Classic essay.
  16. I have no idea how this got into my open tabs. I disagree a lot. But it's good rant.
  17. Description of Conway's law.. also referred to as the "mirror hypothesis" in the management literature.
  18. "Getting your stuff fixed instead of throwing it away is good for the environment as well as for your bank balance. So why is this craft dying out in America?" Via Don Marti.
  19. "Earlier, I start a G+ discussion about Google and their "War on RSS", and spoke a bit about which organizations "out there" have a commitment to the Open Web and to Open Standards. In that brief and hastily written post, I came up with only four organizations (not "companies" mind you, but organizations in general) which seem committed to protecting access to technology in an open manner, and which could be said to promote something like the hacker ethic. The four I came up with initially were: 1. Mozilla 2. Free Software Foundation 3. Electronic Frontier Foundation 4. Red Hat"
  20. "The UPenn Journal of Business Law recently published my (first!) law review article, which proposes a relatively far-reaching solution: Reinterpreting existing law to impose a strong presumption in favor of low-cost index funds for tax-advantaged, employer-sponsored DC plans, including 401(k)s. Even if you don't agree with that solution, something needs to be done."
  21. My summary: Sodas don't matter. But they are a signal of a company changing its values. Via Don Marti.
  22. More on Jeri Ellsworth pointing out limits in the Valve structure.
  23. Incredible story about dysfunction at Microsoft. Via Don Marti.
  24. Yow. I'd heard people complaining about the wait times for FLOSS projects for IRS approval for some time. Where the outrage people?

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