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  1. New bike store opening on my bike community route. Unfortunately, probably just in time for me to move to Seattle. Oh well! Y'all enjoy it!
  2. Awesome play. I recommend it.
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  3. Google needs to blow away half of the (awesome) roof garden so that they can spend a cool $2m so that their employees don't need to walk outside in order to get to the cafeteria.
  4. The heavy hand of the law puts on a bike glove.
  5. Cambridge bike thief gets nabbed. Nice.
  6. Local journalist notices my project with Charlie.
  7. This guy gave away a copy of Ted Nelson's literary machines. Horrible news he's gonna be gone.
  8. Put together by CB and Geekhouse. Pretty awesome.
  9. "An undergraduate was robbed with a "realistic BB gun" while walking along Plympton St. Saturday night, according to the Harvard University Police Department."
  10. "Heard on police scanner at 1:15 p.m. today: a woman allegedly spit on a T bus driver at 271 Windsor St. The driver has requested an ambulance."
  11. “Nobody buys newspapers anymore,” he said. “People are reading everything online mostly.”h

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