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  1. Real-time collaboration within Emacs/vim/etc using a proprietary network service. Like what gobby/rudel is supposed to do but less free!
  2. Star Wars, reshot by fans in 15 second chunks. Pretty incredible, actually.
  3. "Two recent articles call for an openness revolution in science: one on GigaOM and the other in the Wall Street Journal. But they’ve got it all wrong. These folks are missing that the process of scientific discovery is not, at its core, an open process. It only becomes an open process at the point of publication."
  4. Interesting project by Gary Olson and colleagues that attempts to score and give reports to collaborations.
  5. If you use Rudel on Debian testing/unstale/experimental, you'll notice it stopped working. This is my bug report and patch.
  6. Super cool project by Salganik.
  7. Stet is a cool piece of software that was used in the GPLv3 process. I think there are better tools now, but it's nice that the code is now easily available online.
  8. Russell Coker riffing off my wiki reader post.
  9. Three kinds of openness.
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  10. Recap of a recap of a Google tech talk from a few years back that I've heard good things above.
  11. via daf, I think
  12. "Benkler attributes their success to ways they have found to assure contributors that when you produce you will be able to control what you produce. Cash doesn’t change hands. The challenge is to learn about human collaboration in general from these web-based examples. In Benkler’s words “replacing Leviathan with a collaborative system.”"

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