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  1. Beautiful interview with Donald Knuth.
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  3. Myria is a distributed, shared-nothing Big Data management system and Cloud service from the University of Washington. We derive requirements from real users and complex workflows, especially in science.
  4. "Computer programs that function via Darwinian evolution are creating inventions that are novel and useful enough to be patented."
  5. Higher proportion of faculty are women. Higher proportion of PhDs are women. A lower proportion of BS degrees are women. And there are many fewer BS degrees in general.
  6. "Two recent articles call for an openness revolution in science: one on GigaOM and the other in the Wall Street Journal. But they’ve got it all wrong. These folks are missing that the process of scientific discovery is not, at its core, an open process. It only becomes an open process at the point of publication."
  7. NLP toolkit by the same team that built the Java Wikipedia database indexer/API. Looks pretty good.
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  8. Rest is piece, John!
  9. This is pretty hot.
  10. Nice writeup of Luis van Ahn's newest project based on human translation.

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