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  1. Weird.
  2. This looks really great. I probably won't make it.
  3. Going to miss it this year (2013) but I'll try to help out in future years.
  4. Nice video documenting the MIT Media Lab Festival of Learning.
  5. Another CLS. I really should make it one of these some year.
  6. Talking about failure is great. Glamorizing it seems weird.
  7. Oh man, I really want to go to this...
  8. Organizing a conference at MIT, from outside MIT (but with internal assistance).
  9. Good idea. Let's see if it works.
  10. Looks like an awesome conference, although it seems it will conflict with the Knight News conference. Damn.
  11. Anyone want to go to a conference on impoliteness and rudeness?
  12. This looks like an awesome conference.

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