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  1. A Eulogy for Peter Eckersley by Anselm Levskaya
  2. The weirdness of the Disney VR space is so just overwhelming.
  3. Wow.
  4. "It was clear in that moment that Apple products had crossed the line between mere technologies and beloved object, they had become something you would not live without, or indeed be dead without."
  5. Rest is piece, John!
  6. Nice idea, although I have one *huge* problem. It should be called, not Please.
  7. Mark Pilgrim on 25 year friendship.
  8. Economic arguments toward a more moral end.
  9. He accomplished 50 of the things he claimed everyone should do.
  10. Incredible story of an unknown women whose deathmask made her wildely famous in death and who was the basis for the CPR dummy CPR-Annie.

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