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  1. "There are a few fundamentally broken things about how Mastodon posts work that are terrible vectors for abuse, as well as being bad for basic usability. Maybe they are fixable, I don't know."
    updated: 2023-08-08, original: 2023-08-08 to , , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  2. This thing looks amazing.
  3. Beautiful little images/icons that use as a font for inserting onto your website. Super nice!
  4. Retroactive extensions! Those will sure encourage innovation. So shameful.
  5. I love this kind of information archeology...
  6. Nice looking restaurant designed by my friend Leo.
  7. updated: 2015-01-31, original: 2015-01-31 to , , - Archived Link
  8. updated: 2015-01-31, original: 2015-01-31 to , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  9. Cute.
  10. The calculator is no coincidence. Apple simple copied it.
  11. Interesting conversation. I'm pretty sure the bug filer is mostly wrong. But still an interesting conversation.
  12. "Design that Matters (DtM), a 501c3 nonprofit based in Salem, Massachusetts, creates new products that allow social enterprises in developing countries to offer improved services and scale more quickly."
  13. Amazing.
  14. I like this. I'm also pretty sad that Microsoft is the hero and not, say, GNOME. Bah.
  15. Tumblr of videos of people talking about making websites, mostly.
  16. What a beautiful bad idea!
  17. This sounds like an awesome class at MIT.
  18. Incredible.
  19. "The first thing I didn’t write about quitting Facebook was a status update to my friends saying, I’m quitting Facebook."
  20. I use this pallet quite a lot from within ggplot2.

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