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  1. Looks awesome.
  2. Cute publicity stunt that tries to show pirates what it feels like. I have pretty mixed feelings about the whole thing but I think it is a nice little hack.
  3. Talking about failure is great. Glamorizing it seems weird.
  4. I have heard tons about this project -- mostly from OLPC sources, I suppose. Nice to actually track it down.
  5. I swear I remember this diagram from the GNU Arch days.
  6. Mark Shuttleworth is trying to recruit engineering managers to Canonical. I agree that the good engineering managers need not be good engineers. I think solid tech skills do go a long way to helping engineers respect their managers. And that is important.
  7. I'll add this, along with everyone else. :)
  8. I agree with all of this except the suggestion that Torvalds is responsible for it. He popularized this model of development, but he didn't invent it.
  9. Via Aaron, I'm sure.
  10. Looks interesting but the documentation is still rough. It's not at clear, after reading the page, what Quickly actually does.
  11. I think this is horrible advice. But interesting.
  12. This makes me so happy!
  13. I've always hired free and open source software developers. But I guess I'm probably difference.
  14. via daf, I think
  15. Everybody else bookmarked this so I guess I should too. ;)

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