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  1. "Rüdiger Kuhlmann, the maintainer of mICQ, had a disagreement with Martin Loschwitz, the maintainer of the Debian mICQ package... Mr. Kuhlmann decided that enough was enough, and he was going to take some action. As of mICQ, the code will, when built for the Debian distribution, print out a message which says some unflattering things about Mr. Loschwitz and encourages use of a different version; the program then exits. In other words, when built for Debian, mICQ thumbs its nose at the user and refuses to run. To help ensure that this code got into the official Debian version, it was written in an obfuscated manner, set to trigger only after February 11, and only if it was not being run by Mr. Loschwitz. For the curious, here is a posting containing the code in question.
  2. Awesome play. I recommend it.
    updated: 2012-04-29, original: 2012-04-29 to , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  3. Sleep No More is apparently in NYC. I missed in Boston and I really do want to go. It seems to be selling out well ahead of when it's up so if I do want to go, I should probably plan something soon.
  4. Drama!
  5. "Discerning WBMC fans wonder why none of the top three finishers in this category in Brighton had sideburns! Here's the story." Controversy at the World Beard and Mustache Championships in the sideburns category. Oh my!
  6. 2009-01-21 to , , - Archived Link
  7. MIT Student Written/Directed Plays
    2008-05-15 to , , - Archived Link

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