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  1. "The name "Pendle Hill" combines the words for hill from three different languages (as does Bredon Hill in Worcestershire) In the 13th century it was called Pennul or Penhul, apparently from the Cumbric pen and Old English hyll, both meaning "hill". The modern English "hill" was appended later, after the original meaning of Pendle had become opaque."
  2. Wild.
  3. "See also: Tickle Cock Bridge" I had no idea.
  4. 26-07-2011 to , , ,
  5. I remember when someone wrote a script to do with this Altavista back in like 1997 or 1998. What do you know? It's still funny!
  6. I want to buy all of these!
  7. Nice example of the ? replacing the smart quotes.
  8. Via Daf.
  9. A classic LL article on the less vs. fewer debate.
  10. Totally, totally awesome.
  11. 06-04-2009 to , ,
  12. Anyone want to go to a conference on impoliteness and rudeness?
  13. Book is the new cool. (Thanks Matt Lee!)

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