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  1. Nice article on A/B testing.
  2. I want to reproduce this but do the tasting blind.
  3. I found all the talk about statistics to be really really annoying. I mean, dude, it's a sample size of -2-. Experiments? Sure. But statistics aren't going to help you in a situation where you are compare two groups of size 1.
  4. I find something a bit problematic about this experiment.
  5. Incredible.
  6. I have heard tons about this project -- mostly from OLPC sources, I suppose. Nice to actually track it down.
  7. Pretty gross.
  8. Using a specially designed enclosure, 201 children 2 to 5 years of age took part in tests in which six devices were used, including two developed in the course of this experiment as the result of observation of behavior...Of those who let themselves out, one-half did so in less than 10 seconds. One-third of the children emerged unruffled, about half were upset but could be comforted easily, and a small group (11%) required some help to become calm.

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