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  1. I'm still just blown away by the horrible default faults on ebook readers. They are seriously worse than any fonts I've seen used in books. How do publishers let this happen?
  2. Search for fonts by uploading a picture.
  3. Wonderful history of the interrobang.
  4. Includes a magic command to embed any non-embedded fonts in an existing PDF. This is golden. Especially for people with rather less good PDF readers.
  5. I'm not sure I really like the font. Still thinking. to me it feels a little too edgy, and quite a bit too airy. But I suppose it's OK for a screen font!
  6. Beautiful free monospace screen fonts. Awesome.
  7. That's not why I use Garamond. But I'll feel smug about it anyway.
  8. Awesome example of using Inkscipe and it's support for spiro curves to do some awesome (and quick?) font design?
  9. installing garamond fonts for latex (instructions that actually work)

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