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  3. This seems like a pretty crazy decision. Bad news for Germans until this gets appealed out of existence.
  4. Torrents and paying creators.
  5. Tactically, I don't think that this is the step that graduate students should be taking, at least not yet. That said, I respect what Alex is doing.
  6. Somerville, anyone? I don't want to start this unless I do so with a bunch of others -- I feel like I'm starring in my own little collective action problem.
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  8. *Sigh*. Another opt-in survey. This one from the Ada Initiative.
  9. Interesting pane from an Italian meeting called the "Share Festival". I haven't watched the whole thing but the parts I've seen seem reasonably intriguing -- although a few of the people are definitely of the sort of European-free culture "usual suspects" group and so may not have a lot new to say to you.
  10. CC announces the 4.0 process for their new licenses. And it basically looks great. The one exception is the revaluation of the database stuff. The language about not making this works is wise and smart, but it's also going pretty hard to imagine how they could walk that line. The situation now is CC zero for data, or nothing. Anything CC does is going to make that situation worse.
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  11. Wow. Those are amazing pictures.
  12. Discussion and comments on the Paley/Zonker debate.
  13. My friend Joseph Reagle is working on what seems like an interesting research project on sexisim in free software and free culture communities.
  14. This has been online for quite some time. I'm really surprised I haven't found this before.
  15. Great conversation/debate between Nina Paley and Corey Doctorow. Wow!
  16. If you're in NYC this week, GO.
  17. Boo! These Wikipedia "welcomes" are really out of control.
  18. This post makes me extremely happy.

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