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  1. Other than halogen lamps, LEDs are highly effective even at low power, i.e. when run below the nominal power/ its rated capacity. This is the reason why dynamos no longer need to be build in a way for them to reach full power at the lowest possible speed. Therefore, SONdelux is smaller and lighter than a hub dynamo for halogen lighting (SON 28). No-load power input drops by about 30 - 35% compared to SON 28. But SONdelux equals SON 28 concerning durability and outstanding quality.
  2. Unfortunately includes only the SON28 and SON20 and not the SONdelux.
  3. Polygen like generator for Upworthy headlines. Now I have to go find out what Upworthy is. Via Grimmellmann
  4. Huh. I don' t think I would use these. But it's interesting and kind of cool.
  5. cute onscreen ruler generator
  6. web twenny here i come

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