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  1. Angela Merkel struggles to put on a doctoral hood. I feel you, Angela!
  2. Awesome replacement for Doodle.
  3. "The rescuers required no special equipment, and were able to extricate the student from the sculpture by hand, creating a surreal, oversize delivery room scene, with the artwork giving birth to a full-grown (though perhaps a little immature) man."
  4. From Julia!
  5. Indirect from Paul Rice. And incredible.
  6. This seems like a pretty crazy decision. Bad news for Germans until this gets appealed out of existence.
  7. The calculator is no coincidence. Apple simple copied it.
  8. By Veronika Schapers, Tokyo, Japan.
    updated: 2013-02-24, original: 2013-02-24 to , , , , , - Archived Link
  9. via awesome@media
  10. Incredible write-up on the Pirate Party and German elections with a focus on Berlin.
  11. Amazing looking hotel in Berlin. I'm not one for paying 100 EUR for hotels but I might make an exception.
  12. "In popular mythology, the impressive performances of America’s blacks, especially Owens, so infuriated Hitler that he refused to shake Owens’s hand after his victory in the 100-meter dash. It’s a good story, and one widely disseminated at the time to show that the Olympic spirit had triumphed over Nazi racism. The problem is, it never happened."

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