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  1. Interesting argument, but seems pretty obviously wrong.
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  2. Wild.
  3. "I have always been fascinated by photographs about lightnings. While it is relatively easily to put a lightning strike in any photograph using image editing techniques :) I still prefer the real thing. Since photography is a hobby of mine, I wanted to be able to photograph lightnings. However, when I tried to do it without any specialized equipment, I didn't have much success." Or, y'know, you could just install CHDK.
  4. If you'd like to connect my router with your Intel wireless card any time soon, install this patch first. :)
  5. Looks pretty awesome.
  6. I'm quoted in this article complaining about all the thugs and assholes in the hacker community. The way the article quotes it makes it sound like that's my opinion as a sociologist. It isn't. But I do feel that way.
  7. Is Sony is the first company to put something like this up for its phones? Really?
  8. Make your phone a Charlie Card.
  9. Wow. Why isn't this default?
  10. Cute.
  11. 2010-07-27 to , , , , - Archived Link
  12. This is pretty hot.
  13. I don't actually buy this argument. It's got a sort of "back in the good old days" that I suppose has more to do with the author's own experience than with any object difference in the way technology is designed. That said, there's a good point in here and the intentions are admirable.
  14. Amen
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  15. via daf
  16. Google clobbers Cyanogen's modded builds. Interesting. This article has both good links to all the key points and articles and good commentary

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