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  1. RFID sensors for bikes to trigger traffic lights.
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  4. Except that the man hasn't figured out leap years yet! I can think of three real options: Have them as normal (i.e., part of January) and break the "every day on the same day of week" or have a leap week every 28 years (and essentially give yourself a week of "drift") or have a whole leap month. Or you add an extra one-day month on the end. The best option might be to add the last day of the year as the monthless day and then expand that.
  5. More on Mockus. Who sounds awesome.
  6. Cool article on Joi. He also published an "unabridged" version on his blog.
  7. "How could the flow of high-quality music continue despite sharp reductions in firms’ ability to appropriate revenue. The puzzle’s resolution may lie in the observation that technological change has not only reduced effective demand; it has also reduced costs of bringing music to market. The costs of creation, promotion, and distribution have all been revolutionised by new information and communications technologies."
  8. IV response to TAL piece critical of IV. Summary: "Haters gonna hate."
  9. Profile of my advisor in the NYT. Why is it in the arts section? Not quite sure.
  10. Super cool project by Salganik.
  11. Bill Gates on Nathan Myrvold on why Wikipedia is great...
  12. Web community for replica watch enthusiasts.
  13. Huh. I know women who wear bras in part so that they can HIDE their nipples!
  14. Fascinating.
  15. Unfortunately, the article is not quite as good as the title might indicate.
  16. Comparisons of disruptive and revolutionary innovations
  17. How can ESR write this and not mention Eric von Hippel?
  18. Popular press account of free software innovation.

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