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  1. Javascript that makes all of your images load... really... slowly.
  2. This looks awesome.
  3. Nice little summary of a lot of nasty web security tricks.
  4. "Cubism.js is a D3 plugin for visualizing time series. Use Cubism to construct better realtime dashboards, pulling data from Graphite, Cube and other sources. Cubism is available under the Apache License on GitHub."
  5. "Cube is a system for collecting timestamped events and deriving metrics. By collecting events rather than metrics, Cube lets you compute aggregate statistics post hoc. It also enables richer analysis, such as quantiles and histograms of arbitrary event sets. Cube is built on MongoDB and available under the Apache License on GitHub."
  6. I use this pallet quite a lot from within ggplot2.
  7. Cute way of creating web visualizations in R that don't work in my new NoScript-enabled browser.
  8. Another free software attempt at Prezi. Like JessyInk except better. Or so it seems.
  9. Cute.
  10. Huh. I don' t think I would use these. But it's interesting and kind of cool.
  11. Super useful on the phone.
  12. Use it for good, not evil?
  13. Marginalia is an open source Javascript web annotation system that allows users of web applications to highlight text and write margin notes." (via daf)
  14. Javascript visualization.
  15. Cute looking javascript RSS reader widget.

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