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  1. I wrote up a long email about that I sent to Andrés Monroy. I should maybe publish that as a blog post.
  2. This entire series by the NYT is fantastic.
  3. AMA quotes
  4. Fantastic article.
  5. This woman needs to find a new career.
  6. The most incredible piece of journalism I've read in a very long time. I just donated to Mother Jones.
  7. See. It's easy.
  8. The NYTimes website with all all Fox News content. Brilliant.
  9. Important breaking news.
  10. Unbelievable review of Pitchfork in n+1. I didn't even know what Pitchfork was before I read the article, I loved it. But I basically love everything that they do.
  11. Incredible article on "bus plunge" stories.
  12. Obituaries of BitCoin already? Very nice article, though.
    updated: 2011-11-29, original: 2011-11-29 to , , , , , , - Archived Link
  13. Heather Ford on Brian Keegan's work.
  14. Blog accuses Wire of glamming Limore for a cover. Limore explains that she does actually look like the person in the photo.
  15. Really nice writeup on the Mystery Hunt by one of my teammates.
  16. What a horror story. I'm glad Erik is finally setting the record straight.
  17. Cute, if not brilliant, little example.
  18. Great blog. via daf
  19. Answer: Seems so. People sure don't like DRM.
  20. Journalists versus the Internet. Guess which side Gladwell takes? Gladwell would be well served to not reviewing books he has such stake in. I've never seen him look this defensive or uninformed.
  21. Provocative essay. Probably at least partially true.
  22. Striking editorial by murdered Sri Lankan journalist published posthumously.

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