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  1. I guess I'll say mocktail. Maybe.
  2. The now iconic Bluetooth logo is actually a combination—officially known as a bind rune—of King Bluetooth's initials in Scandinavian runes: ᚼ and ᛒ. When you join the two to make a bind rune and drop it on a blue background, you get the familiar Bluetooth logo.
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  4. What, Microsoft doesn't subscribe to the FSF's definition of "free software"?
  5. "Knowledge is Power....Francis Bacon"
  6. Awesome profile of Barry Duncan -- "master palindromist."
  7. Interesting argument that the use of NUL-terminated strings in C was shortsighted and wrong. And it probably was. My recent blog post on coal computing anyone?
  8. examples
  9. I remember when someone wrote a script to do with this Altavista back in like 1997 or 1998. What do you know? It's still funny!
  10. Rude and potentially offensive place names in the UK.
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  11. via orgtheory
  12. I want to buy all of these!
  13. Books I will miss dearly. Handwriting, not so much. I certainly forgot how to write in cursive and don't lose any sleep over it.
  14. Seen most of them before. But they really are funny.
  15. Via Daf.
  16. The Chinese Character—no simple matter
  17. A classic LL article on the less vs. fewer debate.
  18. Yes, the internet is full of idiots.
  19. Totally, totally awesome.

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