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  1. I love this kind of information archeology...
  2. From Julia!
  3. Super cool remix/music video.
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  4. Classic essay.
  5. Pretty.
  6. Cool. Also, Macklmore is from Seattle?!
  7. " An appeals court agreed, with Judge Alex Kozinski saying, "With fame often comes unwanted attention." Noting the often bitter tone taken by companies in this five-year legal battle, Kozinski ordered both sides to behave. "The parties are advised to chill," he said in his ruling."
  8. Great!
  9. I'm also a devotee of the Amtrak quiet car.
  10. via Shifty.
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  12. Unbelievable review of Pitchfork in n+1. I didn't even know what Pitchfork was before I read the article, I loved it. But I basically love everything that they do.
  13. Sometimes you realize that you are pretty happy not going back in time.
  14. I've been looking for something between Internet radio (like Soma) and something like Spotify which makes me choose everything. Pandora is an alternative but is DRMed. This website for DJs to share mixes seems like it might be a nice compromise.
  15. Recipe's not that complex, but the cooking implements sure are.
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  17. "How could the flow of high-quality music continue despite sharp reductions in firms’ ability to appropriate revenue. The puzzle’s resolution may lie in the observation that technological change has not only reduced effective demand; it has also reduced costs of bringing music to market. The costs of creation, promotion, and distribution have all been revolutionised by new information and communications technologies."

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