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  1. I don't really like this website.
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  3. "All living things are gnarly, in that they inevitably do things that are much more complex than one might have expected. The shapes of tree branches are of course the standard example of gnarl. The life cycle of a jellyfish is way gnarly. The wild three-dimensional paths that a humming bird sweeps out are kind of gnarly too, and, if the truth be told, your ears are gnarly as well."
  4. Using Wikipedia to see which philosophers influenced which other philosophers.
  5. Interesting essay but a a little too close to positive thinking in terms of what it's actually telling us to do. "Do stuff, just don't think of it as work." :)
  6. "Science and reason are discomforting precisely because they have been carefully devised to allow nature to speak to us and to divulge its secrets, quite independently of what we would prefer to hear. Once we realize this, and we thus become willing to accept unpleasant but validated truths in place of comforting myths, we are far better prepared to recognize, address, and perchance solve, the myriad of problems presented to us by a complex civilization and a threatened natural estate. It is true that technology, applied without reasonable foresight or moral constraint, has brought us to our current environmental peril. But organized, cumulative and institutional reason - which is to say, science - is our best way out."
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  8. Alaine de Botton almost writes a film review.
  9. Good to see philosoraptor getting some extra visibility.
  10. via daf
  11. Nice write-up of a good talk by Bollier that I saw at Berkman.
  12. "We're not going to succeed by being philosophically better. We have to be better in the real world as well. Ignoring that in favour of our social benefits doesn't result in us winning."
  13. "If you ask me for really dangerous ideological films, for ideology at its purest, I’d say Kung Fu Panda. I saw it five times because my son likes it."
  14. Interesting guy with cool ideas about autonomy.
  15. Trying to define the users’ rights in a web services ecosystem the prevalent term is “autonomy”, a term anarchists often refer to and the basic concept of Cornelius Castoriadis‘ philosophy. Individual autonomy is for Castoriadis the capacity of an individual to make choices in freedom while collective autonomy means that a particular society posits it’s own laws based on equal chances of participation.
  16. Pike Place motivation philosphy
  17. article recommended by tomislav medak

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