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  1. Assembling a phone in the US is not much more expensive because labor costs are a small part of phones.
  2. Seems like the cheapest option for unlimited data in the <4 month range.
  3. Is Sony is the first company to put something like this up for its phones? Really?
  4. Make your phone a Charlie Card.
  5. Non-Android interface to the Android market? Sorta? I really just want to limit to applications that are free software!
  6. Sort of a parody of my essay.
  7. Ironically, I only know about this applications (which I now plan to use) because it was taken out of the story and got a lot of press.
  8. Seems like there should be interesting applications well beyond just finding lost pets. Too bad this is a for-profit service.
  9. Via Marcell: "And, a PC World story quoted company CEO Jonney Shih at the Garmin-Asus press conference in Taipei, Taiwan, saying that the companies are considering offering Nuvifone smartphones with different OS platforms, specifically mentioning Linux, Google's Linux-based Android, and Windows Mobile."
    2009-02-09 to , , , - Archived Link
  10. Cool looking micro-keyboard.
  11. I've always been intrigued by the rules relating to phones and planes.
  12. 2008-05-14 to , , - Archived Link
  13. list of ways to talk to a human when calling customer service
    2007-06-13 to , - Archived Link

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