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  1. More from Erich Goode on sex with his informants... Good God.
  2. I find something a bit problematic about this experiment.
  3. Interesting write-up in a very interesting room for debate about open marriage in the context of the a recent micro-scandal about Gingrich asking his ex-wife for one. I'm not sure I totally agree with it, but the argument is intriguing.
  4. Crazy it's actually true.
  5. I'm only bookmarking this otherwise lame article for this comment I may want to remember some day: "Can anyone say post- Halloween night, dressed in a toga (I rocked the Goddess costume that year) on the T during rush hour the next morning? In case you were wondering, all the people packed on the train trying to get to work don’t care that Halloween was the night before. They’re still judging."
  6. Pretty bad indeed.
  7. Via daf. I'm a big fan, if not a follower, of Reich.
  8. "See also: Tickle Cock Bridge" I had no idea.
  9. Gross. I would never eat ham infusion.
    2011-02-09 to , , , - Archived Link
  10. This is what Youtube was created for. With only less than 300k views, this ridiculous animal video is completely undervalued.
  11. This would have been really useful at DebConf a few years ago when we were looking for a new pump for a pipe organ!
  12. I think I should feel flattered (again).
  13. I think I should feel flattered.
  14. (via daf)
  15. Article on sex, sexuality, sex parties, and free software by Annalee Newitz.
  16. Amazing review of a truly amazing article. Via AaronSw, to whom I am now in debt.
  17. Bizarre, mostly nude and sexualized, photography.
  18. Unfortunately, the article is not quite as good as the title might indicate.
  19. I read this article months ago and it's haunted me.

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