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  1. Looks interesting.
  2. Nice orgtheory argument about what makes for a good theory about how to tell/test.
  3. "McLuhan was wrong. The message is the message. We use different media to deliver it, more or less intact."
  4. Interesting pane from an Italian meeting called the "Share Festival". I haven't watched the whole thing but the parts I've seen seem reasonably intriguing -- although a few of the people are definitely of the sort of European-free culture "usual suspects" group and so may not have a lot new to say to you.
  5. "Here’s a provocative talk by Michael Heller about the problems of private ownership."
  6. A extremely convoluted and almost impenetrable argument that, I think, argues that the OKCon crowd is not being clear enough about who the end users are. Might have made a good tweet.
  7. An interesting taxonomy of races.
  8. Ouch. This is a bad book review: "The empirical information he provides is perfunctory at best. His command of Marxism seems limited. His historical reach extends to his own earlier works. His vast theoretical apparatus is jimmy-rigged and empty. The graphs are inane, the writing atrocious. To call this book dull as dish water maligns dish water."
  9. 29-01-2008 to , , ,
  10. article recommended by tomislav medak
  11. journal on building sustainable communities which is now (unfortunately) out of print
    19-09-2007 to ,

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