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  1. Books looks great. And she's a sociologist in Boston!
  2. "The model aimed to rationalize several puzzles observed in the industry, such as why Red Hat, a high-quality firm, contributes significantly more to Linux than any other firm and why a market with mandatory sharing can actually produce higher-quality products than a proprietary market."
  3. Great content! Super annoying layout!
  4. I saw this as a MetaFilter question once. That thread did more to expand my reading list than any single page. Pretty nice to see it (or something like it) distilled into a site.
  5. I could this blog post as my reading list for the next sevreal months.
  6. More books I need to read. Things get added onto this stack a lot faster than I keep up with them.
  7. I'm hearing more and more good stuff about Behavioral and Brain Sciences.
  8. This write-up up some pretty awesome longitudinal research has come highly recommended.
  9. This looks like an amazing way to spend an hour.
  10. Joe Reagle had some good criticism that are worth checking out as well.
  11. I couldn't agree with this more.
  12. Looks awesome!
  13. 2008-11-03 to , - Archived Link
  14. Fiction by my friend Stephanie Gayle.

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