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  1. I swear I remember this diagram from the GNU Arch days.
  2. Too bad I've mostly moved to Emacs at this point...
  3. I think this would be pretty easy to do with gpplot2, but Portfolio looks like its worth checking out too.
  4. (via daf)
  5. Awesome tutorial with loads of examples, code samples, and graphs. Amazing resource.
  6. Simple intro to graphic programming in Python. From pfctdayelise.
  7. I've only read through the chapter on transformations but this seems likely a truly excellent resource. Gratis for personal use.
  8. Combination example code for common things and tutorial.
  9. Nice sort of R thesaurus for other statistical software.
  10. Nice Zotero documentation from Harvard.
  11. Good vim tricks and tutorial page by Jonathan McPherson.
    2007-05-15 to , - Archived Link

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