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  1. This woman needs to find a new career.
  2. Amazing. I can't believe that I missed this.
  3. Finally got around to watching this.
  4. Awesome.
  5. Nice summary of the bruhaha over the republic memo calling for copyright reform. That will teach them.
  6. Interesting. But does it really matter?
  7. Kind of funny. Sad funny.
  8. What a mess! The US government takes down JotForm because somebody put something shady online.
  9. A pene-enclave right near Seattle. I can't believe I missed this!
  10. News: People are suprised that the CIA is reading their public twits.
    updated: 2011-11-04, original: 2011-11-04 to , , , , , - Archived Link
  11. This article, and the other articles in this "Room For Debate" about ADHD are awesome.
  12. Super interesting biography of a influential American I've never heard of.
  13. Stop the government opacity initiative.
  14. I should totally get this for my bike.
  15. Skeptical article by a very knowledgeable person. I disagree with a whole lot in there but still think it's worth reading.

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