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  1. This includes the video released by the company.
  2. Looks like this one should be doable. ;)
  3. updated: 2015-12-18, original: 2015-12-18 to , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  4. Doesn't look good.
  5. Clue: The answer has something to do with money and funding.
  6. Awesome. Not open access but, at least in the medium term, a positive way to address issues of access to the academic resources necessary to write a great encyclopedia.
  7. Wikimedia Foundation research newsletter.
  8. Contains a Java based tool that turns dumps into a database and index and then an API for querying.
  9. "What we are attempting in our Global Education Program instead, is to institutionalize the use of Wikipedia in the classroom. Our goal is to explain to as many teachers as possible what the benefits of using Wikipedia of a teaching tool are. Students are much more motivated when they write for a global audience, instead of just writing for their professor."
  10. From the public domain to Wikimedia Commons to a song performed by an acapella group in Cambridge. Awesome.
  11. Nice writeup about the Wikimedia public policy initative. It's nice to see that it seems to be taking off reasonably well.
  12. Interesting model. I think I like how they're doing this. That said, I'm still not quite sure what they are doing.
  13. via:pfctdayelise
  14. (Quasi-)literature review of Wiki(p|m)edia research from 2009-2010.
  15. I can't take this job at the moment, but maybe you can. It looks like fun!
  16. What a horror story. I'm glad Erik is finally setting the record straight.
  17. Vote!
  18. More on the cool project I bookmarked a few days ago.
  19. Very cool free culture art acquisition project.

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