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  1. Best Wikipedia revisions ever.
  2. Bad luck years.
  3. Looks like this one should be doable. ;)
  4. Nice stylized fact. :)
  5. “I understand your point that the author is the greatest authority on their own work, but we require secondary sources," were the exact words of the Wikipedia administrator, according to Roth.
  6. "The name "Pendle Hill" combines the words for hill from three different languages (as does Bredon Hill in Worcestershire) In the 13th century it was called Pennul or Penhul, apparently from the Cumbric pen and Old English hyll, both meaning "hill". The modern English "hill" was appended later, after the original meaning of Pendle had become opaque."
  7. Yikes. I remember this happening but didn't see this writeup until now.
  8. Fantastic!
  9. updated: 2015-12-18, original: 2015-12-18 to , , , , , , , , - Archived Link
  10. Turns out, Linus' has his own law which is much less well known than the law named after Linus by Eric Raymond. The actual Linus' law is, "every motivation that makes a person do something can be classified under "survival", "social life" or "entertainment"."
  11. Awesome event by Monika!
  12. Doesn't look good.
  13. Huh.
  14. Pretty.
  15. Wait, is SAGE, the major academic publisher, encouraging authors to increase citations to their articles by adding them to as many Wikipedia articles as possible?
  16. Awesome. Not open access but, at least in the medium term, a positive way to address issues of access to the academic resources necessary to write a great encyclopedia.
  17. Using Wikipedia to see which philosophers influenced which other philosophers.
  18. Using the Wikipedia logo seems to be pretty lame for an article about Intrade and prediction markets. But the rest of it seems reasonable. The summary is something like: Prediction markets aren't good when there isn't good publicly available information. Which I suppose shouldn't come as a huge suprise.
  19. Wikimedia Foundation research newsletter.
  20. Rather incredible compilation of people complaining about the SOPA/PIPA Wikipedia blackout.
  21. A pene-enclave right near Seattle. I can't believe I missed this!

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