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  1. What, Microsoft doesn't subscribe to the FSF's definition of "free software"?
  2. The hardware looks awesome. Too bad it's very likely to be locked down so that it does not run GNU/Linux. :-(
  3. "Make inactive windows obscuring the active one transparent." Seems interesting.
  4. "Start using your PC right away: After installing Windows 7, we pre-loaded only the software you need and removed the trial versions and bloatware that you don't, so you don't have to spend hours setting up your PC—it's ready to run, right out of the box. Your PC has been performance tuned: By getting rid of redundant utility–ware that can slow down your PC, we've verified that the software you use most often works together seamlessly, and that your computer is running at peak performance."
  5. Jobs are needed to "to cope with the Windows 7 launch." Sounds about right. ;)
  6. Also see the next image on Flickr.
  7. Things I didn't really expect to read: "Windows XP is masked by the Blue Dolphin user interface that is reminiscent of Linux and makes the system an ease to use."
  8. How have I lived my life without this page?
  9. Great campaign! Glad to see it declare victory.
  10. Michael Robertson launches ajaxWindows. Will MS sue? More Don Marti gold.

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