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  1. AI powered search engine for women
  2. Very cool column by Kurt Streeter
  3. Hat tip to LeiLani Nishime who mentioned her in her talk about mixed race Asians and their paradoxical invisibility given how visible they are.
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  5. Incredible! The story the about wife bonuses is particularly bizarre.
  6. Sometimes you come so late to the party that you get the rebuttal at the same time you get the argument.
  7. The problem this is trying to address is important. I'm not sure how I feel about this solution.
  8. Pretty bad.
  9. I have to say, I like Nathan's writeup more than I like the actual experience of using the website. I understand where they are coming from but...
  10. *Sigh*. Another opt-in survey. This one from the Ada Initiative.
  11. Apparently, women who work outside the home seem to be slightly less happy than those that do not. Interesting. Haven't read the paper and the results aren't what I would hope for, but it seems interesting.
  12. "Among women 18 to 49, NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” was the third-most-watched program in America"
  13. A few years ago, I left a comment on a blog post that Kevin Driscoll wrote. Renina has a pretty cool blog on race and gender and has quoted the comment a couple times. It's not clear that even Kevin ever read it but it's nice to see someone really use it and see something in these little things we write. Pretty cool!
  14. Telesummit goes down on the 15th. Along with everything else, apparently.
  15. There was a party at OSCON sponsored by LinuxFund, Kaltura, and others with women hired to be pretty and chat with male attendees. The comment here are fallout.
  16. Special issue of a magazine with articles on women in open source.

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