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  1. Culturally important short story that led to a major feud.
  2. A Eulogy for Peter Eckersley by Anselm Levskaya
  3. An ML based system for improving academic writing w/ grammar checking and alternative phrasing suggestions. Available as an Overleaf program.
  4. "The fate of physical books may seem tenuous, but at least 1,000 copies of 100 different books are set to be printed roughly a century from now, in the year 2114. Indeed, the trees that will be used to make the printing paper have already been planted."
  5. See. It's easy.
  6. I have no idea how this got into my open tabs. I disagree a lot. But it's good rant.
  7. I'm also a devotee of the Amtrak quiet car.
  8. "The first thing I didn’t write about quitting Facebook was a status update to my friends saying, I’m quitting Facebook."
  9. Awesome profile of Barry Duncan -- "master palindromist."
  10. In a coffee shop not long ago, I saw a mug with an inscription from Henry David Thoreau: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” At least it said the words were Thoreau’s.
  11. "In fact, out of the top 25 best-selling indie Kindle writers, only 6 were previously affiliated with a publishing house."
  12. Almost worth reading and possibly worth referring back to sometime.
  13. Stet is a cool piece of software that was used in the GPLv3 process. I think there are better tools now, but it's nice that the code is now easily available online.
  14. I don't understand how this is different than normal wdiff but I like wdiff a lot and have heard that this software is great.
  15. Inventing the printing press is the easy part. Inventing the market for its products is tough.
  16. Mark Pilgrim on 25 year friendship.
  17. 10xN, in fact.
  18. This was my favorite story on the pre-2000 web. I loved this, communicated with the author, and even wrote a paper about it as an undergraduate. Just last week, the author has revived it and is planning on finishing off the series. I'm psyched!
  19. Russell Coker riffing off my wiki reader post.
  20. Beautiful.
  21. Books I will miss dearly. Handwriting, not so much. I certainly forgot how to write in cursive and don't lose any sleep over it.

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