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  1. Adrienne Russel got this one. Looks interesting.
  2. An ML based system for improving academic writing w/ grammar checking and alternative phrasing suggestions. Available as an Overleaf program.
  3. Turns out, you can't "stretch" your IT band because it is attached to your femur basically all the way along. You can certainly tension it, but it's effectively stapled to the bone and cannot be substantially elongated.
  4. I totally read this as "zoobombing" the first time.
  5. Instructure is a data company, not a learning company...
  6. Beautiful little images/icons that use as a font for inserting onto your website. Super nice!
  7. Very general advice, but very good.
  8. "Under the rules of the restaurant, scientists, medical professionals and social scientists are eligible for a discount if they have recently published papers in journals that are included on internet databases such as the Science Citation Index and the Social Sciences Citation Index. The paper's impact factor is multiplied by 10 to determine the discount, which can account for as much as 30 percent of the bill."
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  10. Extraordinarily strange way of filming this. Extremely good extemporaneous-seeming speaking. Good/interesting content. Worth the listen.
  11. The content of the paper is "Get me off your fucking mailing list" and has many awesome figures.
  12. "Papers We Love is a repository of academic computer science papers and a community who loves reading them." Wait. People do this for /fun/?! ;)
  13. Looks interesting although I'm not sure I quite understand the problem it is actually solving.
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  15. Looks like a great class and something I might want to look at to build off.
  16. "A spoof paper concocted by Science reveals little or no scrutiny at many open-access journals."
  17. Includes both funded and unfunded proposals. I like the idea of keeping this online.
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  19. Math and biostats are the shortest. History is the longest. Nobody is suprised.
  20. Very small and incomplete list ATM but perhaps it will grow.
  21. CLOCKSS (Controlled LOCKSS) is a not for profit joint venture between the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries whose mission is to build a sustainable, geographically distributed dark archive with which to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly publications for the benefit of the greater global research community.

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