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  1. Great story about the genesis of NightScout ("CGM in the Cloud")
  2. Linux running in a fully emulated RISC-V processer on Scratch (turbowarp)
  3. I really want to see this show in NYC while it's on.
  4. Saw it at the Mori art museum.
  5. Best Wikipedia revisions ever.
  6. via grant peterson
  7. My birthday meal in 2021.
  8. A teeming absence of authors.
  9. Guy straps fireworks onto his road bike and uses it to launch a retributive attack on a scooter that buzzes him.
  10. "The rescuers required no special equipment, and were able to extricate the student from the sculpture by hand, creating a surreal, oversize delivery room scene, with the artwork giving birth to a full-grown (though perhaps a little immature) man."
  11. "Proofs of obscure provenance are sometimes overlooked at first, but usually not for long: A major paper like Royen’s would normally get submitted and published somewhere like the Annals of Statistics, experts said, and then everybody would hear about it. But Royen, not having a career to advance, chose to skip the slow and often demanding peer-review process typical of top journals. He opted instead for quick publication in the Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics, a periodical based in Allahabad, India, that was largely unknown to experts and which, on its website, rather suspiciously listed Royen as an editor. (He had agreed to join the editorial board the year before.)"
  12. The most incredible piece of journalism I've read in a very long time. I just donated to Mother Jones.
  13. Indirect from Paul Rice. And incredible.
  14. "TimL is a Lisp dialect implemented in and compiling down to VimL, the scripting language provided by the Vim text editor. Think Clojure meets VimL." Made by Tim. :)
  15. OK. That is incredible.
  16. Amazing.
  17. via Shifty.
  18. Amazing review of an amazing film.
  19. Incredible.
  20. Amazing graph of natural gas price fluctuations. The robots are running the show people.
  21. Google accidentally collects terrabytes of payload data from open wireless networks. Whoops!
  22. Wow. Those are amazing pictures.
  23. I only know about this because of XKCD, but it's still pretty awesome...
  24. examples

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