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  1. Seems like this guy is hosting dumps for WMF.
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  2. Amazing Japanese project to try to trick the Amazon image matching algorithm.
  3. "If the major publishers switch to selling ebooks without DRM, then they can enable customers to buy books from a variety of outlets and move away from the walled garden of the Kindle store. They see DRM as a defense against piracy, but piracy is a much less immediate threat than a gigantic multinational with revenue of $48 Billion in 2011 (more than the entire global publishing industry) that has expressed its intention to "disrupt" them, and whose chief executive said recently "even well-meaning gatekeepers slow innovation" (where "innovation" is code-speak for "opportunities for me to turn a profit")."
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  5. This little python program is handy in the (quite frequent) event that Amazon is giving away music files
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  7. "There’s no DRM field in the product listing, but it turns out there’s an easy way to tell: just check under product details whether the title has device usage set to unlimited. If so, there’s no DRM."
  8. Wow. Scary.
  9. The only reason I'm bookmarking it for the picture of Jeff Bezos dressed exactly like Steve Jobs.
  10. "In fact, out of the top 25 best-selling indie Kindle writers, only 6 were previously affiliated with a publishing house."
  11. Via Marcel. Interesting looking book by an early Google Brand/Marketing director.
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  13. Very interesting information on how Amazon is storing files for the Kindle.
  14. Nice comparison of virtual servers. None of the ones' I've ever used are compared.
  15. A right wing stapler? A left wing movie? Amazon can help you out.
  16. Famous celebrant of material books reviews kindle and (surprisingly) finds it lacking. I love Nicholson Baker and have big problems with the kindle. But this bad review is just bad.
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  19. Interesting take on the whole errors and values thing that I've been exploring over at Revealing Errors.

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