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  1. “You just put a bottle of unsweetened Everclear on the cage and they love it.”
  2. “I can honestly say I can protect every hamster, every mouse in the world against SARS-CoV-2,” Dr. Peter Palese, the leader of the research, said. “But the jury’s still out about what it does in humans.”
  3. Answer: Yes.
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  5. Also, seven non-vegetarian thing you eat all the time...
  6. If I had a nickle...
  7. Interspecies harmony!
  8. This is awesome. Too bad they're almost certainly going to lose. :(
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  9. Not sure I missed bookmarking this when it came out.
  10. If you've got a lifetime to kill, this seems like it could be a nice place to start.
  11. Via marcell. Gemma Schusterman did basically this same project 4-5 years ago. She made a very similar elephant vibration sensor: http://alumni.media.mit.edu/~gemma/superelephant.html
  12. I only know about this because of XKCD, but it's still pretty awesome...
  13. Less useful for searching, but maybe more fun.
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  14. Not as interesting as the surfing alpaca, but this sheep surfs ALONE.
  15. More information the surfing Alpaca.
  16. This is what Youtube was created for. With only less than 300k views, this ridiculous animal video is completely undervalued.
  17. Cool processing application by my friends Mad and Chris.
  18. via James Grimmelmann. Itzhak did the same thing to me.
  19. Seems like there should be interesting applications well beyond just finding lost pets. Too bad this is a for-profit service.
  20. It's back!
  21. So I hate lolcats (a lot) so the fact that I'm bookmarking this is slightly significant.
  22. Unfortunately, the article is not quite as good as the title might indicate.
  23. But definitely not vegetarian.
  24. Fiction by my friend Stephanie Gayle.

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