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  1. Heroku wants you to be able to fork data too. Good idea.
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  3. Free network service that essentially provides a replacement for delicious.
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  4. An increasingly incaccurately named plugin that does what the Delicious plugin for firefox used to do. Or at least the important stuff.
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  5. People are unhappy with the delicious change of hands and are organizing to create compelling free software alternatives. Sounds good!
  6. Maybe in a month, I can try this free software delicious alternative out.
  7. The Franklin Street Statement, in other words?
  8. Might actually release on September 15th.
  9. Nice post mostly about the fact that hosting free network services can be expensive and that self-hosting can be a rather tricky proposition.
  10. The Economist takes up the issue of network services and autonomy!
  11. Trying to define the users’ rights in a web services ecosystem the prevalent term is “autonomy”, a term anarchists often refer to and the basic concept of Cornelius Castoriadis‘ philosophy. Individual autonomy is for Castoriadis the capacity of an individual to make choices in freedom while collective autonomy means that a particular society posits it’s own laws based on equal chances of participation.

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