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  1. bags (including for Brompton) from recycled banners
  2. Travel bags for Bromptons
  3. I'm pretty excited about this one although it doesn't seem like it's built for baskets and more just like strapping it directly onto the porteur rack.
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  5. "Our tests demonstrate that backflushing with the Sawyer coupler or the Smartwater bottle nozzle is better in all cases than using the Sawyer syringe. The best backflush flow rate was observed with the Sawyer coupler + original Sawyer Squeeze combination."
  6. Nice collection of mostly dispersed campgrounds w/ pictures and details on cellphone coverage!
  7. It's a superficial and limited analysis but it seems legit.
  8. Nice selection of rides hosted on "Ride with GPS" so these include GPX tracks and maps and turn sheets.
  9. Guy straps fireworks onto his road bike and uses it to launch a retributive attack on a scooter that buzzes him.
  10. Wow. Sounds bad.
  11. Lucas Brunelle jumps a pothole on his bike while be interviewed by people in a car. :)
  12. RFID sensors for bikes to trigger traffic lights.
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  13. The time Jake Vanderplas got attacked by a car!
  14. I helped participate in this last year.
  15. Other than halogen lamps, LEDs are highly effective even at low power, i.e. when run below the nominal power/ its rated capacity. This is the reason why dynamos no longer need to be build in a way for them to reach full power at the lowest possible speed. Therefore, SONdelux is smaller and lighter than a hub dynamo for halogen lighting (SON 28). No-load power input drops by about 30 - 35% compared to SON 28. But SONdelux equals SON 28 concerning durability and outstanding quality.
  16. Unfortunately includes only the SON28 and SON20 and not the SONdelux.
  17. Camping very close to Seattle accessible on bike with little kids!
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  18. Critical Mass before Critical Mass.
  19. from Phoebe
  20. New Zealand's mandatory helmet law doesn't seem to have had the effects people hoped.
  21. Pretty intense.
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