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  1. Great story about the genesis of NightScout ("CGM in the Cloud")
  2. This includes the video released by the company.
  3. "anyone with access to the server such as staff or government officials can add new members to a private group without permission of its admin members"
  4. "There are a few fundamentally broken things about how Mastodon posts work that are terrible vectors for abuse, as well as being bad for basic usability. Maybe they are fixable, I don't know."
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  5. Yikes. I remember this happening but didn't see this writeup until now.
  6. List of things rejected from Kickstarter.
  7. Matt Stoller on AaronSw's politics.
  8. Awesome.
  9. This is a really really wonderful description of how OfflineIMAP works.
  10. "Just to put these in perspective, if these results are to be believed, not-drinking relative to drinking is almost as unhealthy as being obese, and not-drinking-wine relative to drinking wine is almost as unhealthy as smoking."
  11. Cute. In a kind of depressing kind of way.

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